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Bonbini! That’s how you’ll be greeted when you visit Aruba. Located fifteen miles north of the coast of Venezuela, the picturesque Caribbean Island of Aruba is a beautiful sight to sore eyes. A gorgeous Island rich with hospitable locals, fantastical locations and an alluring feel that any visitor can attest to, Aruba is without a doubt a captivating beauty.

One of the most popular Caribbean Islands, Aruba is renowned for its sand beaches and the sublime weather. The warm waters are alone responsible for the influx of tourists every year who want to experience only the best. Aruba isn’t famous for being the happy Island for nothing; it is the intimate connection between the Island and its natives that brings about the true culture and heritage of the serene area.

The locals of Aruba add to the beauty of Island. Not only are they insightful, they are the perfect hosts. Frequent visitors to Aruba are always praising the locals for showing them the hidden gems scattered all over the Island, be it a good dining area, less populated beaching area or just a good bar. They are here to help you have a great time.

Speaking of hidden gems, the Conchi natural pool is a hidden secret of Aruba. Accessible only by ATV, Conchi is a geographical beauty. Located between natural rock formations is a small pool, a perfect place to relax after an eventful day trip. If the city life is more your drift, Aruba does not disappoint. You can easily find a cab and go for an adventure in the busy streets, grab a smoothie at Mauchi or indulge in the local flavors of the Island. The local favorite Saco di Felipe is to die for! Venture out into the Renaissance or strip mall for local dresses, and delve into the harmonious culture of the Caribbean beauty.

Aruba is not only for families, it is a romantic haven for couples. Get ready for an adventure with your beau, because the options are endless. You can rent a bike and ride to the lighthouse, located at the northernmost tip of the Island. If your beau is a culture fan, take him or her to the “Our lady of Alto Visto Chapel”, a home of picturesque serenity and enigmatic history of the area.
Aruba locals are no strangers to beaching, the options they have are numerous! Visit the baby beach for a wading activity, or venture onto the Boco Prins for some alone time with your family. The Eagle beach is also a beauty of Aruba, a member of the world’s top ten beaches of the world.

While you stay in the resorts, you can experience a lot! 4 wheeling tours, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and going for a trip in a submarine are only the tip of the iceberg. You can go exploring in the many, many caves found all over the Island, a notable one being Guadirikiri cave, which is a very popular tourist site for ambitious visitors every year.
At Aruba, you will find every element of what makes any vacation a great one. Sunny beaches, tranquil activities, a gorgeous view and the Caribbean allure all over the place. Sit back and relax while you spend your time, here at Aruba. You will not forget your time here any time soon!