About the Caribbean – Curaçao

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Curacao is serene Island in the Caribbean, and a part of the Islands known as ABC Islands. Located near Venezuela, Curacao enjoys a sunny and warm climate throughout the year, the perfect place for a dream-like vacation. The beautiful Island is a cozy haven to the enriched heritage, the distinct culture and the uniqueness of the land.

Anyone and everyone who visits the absolutely gorgeous Island of Curacao, knows this is the place to have the perfect adventure. Renowned for the beaches, local food and the night life, you’re in for a complete package. As you venture into the life of the Island, you’ll come across distinctive Dutch architectural beauties, enhanced by pastel colored paint. The locals converse in Papiamentu, but that doesn’t stop them from guiding visitors to the local attractions all over Curacao.

The local dishes are another distinctive feature of the pleasant Island, a delicate mix of European, Asian and West-Indian cuisine will make even the critics happy. There are various Beach bars, fine dining and fast food options for everyone to have what they want. The Island has small shops and malls sprawled all over the place, for you to buy local accessories and feel at home!

Curacao is one of the top most visited places by couples who want a private, but an adventurous honeymoon. Take day trips to parks such as the Christoffel National Park or the Hato Caves, for an eventful time out. If your significant other is more into history and learning about culture, take them to the museums and learn all about Curacao!

There is a lot to do when visiting the tranquil Island, go for diving and snorkeling, interact with the marine life where enthusiasts come every year in bulks. If you are a big fan of marine life, visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium!

Beaching is an essential part of your vacation when you are in this Island; choose from all the beaches, such as Playa Lagun, Cas Abao or Playa Grote Kenapa! The one thing all of them have in common is the guarantee that you will have a time you won’t forget anytime soon.
The Island is all about comfort, adventure and having the most memorable time. The Curacao Beach Resort and gorgeous Villas offer you to spend your time with less hassle as possible. While staying at your hotel or resort, you can easily go kayaking, diving, swimming or scuba diving. You are in for a grand time.

If your family wants to venture more into the daily life of the area, you can always plan a trip around the city with any local guide to discover local attractions; you can go and visit the Curacao Ostrich & Game Farm, which is one of the biggest Ostrich farms outside Africa. Not only that, it is a beloved place for all the kids who come to visit. Second only to the gorgeous beaches!

While you’re here at Curacao, you will find everything you can ever want for a perfect vacation, the sunny beaches, the exotic food and all the adventures you can ever want to enjoy. There is nothing to do now but come to this Caribbean beauty as soon as you can!