About the Caribbean – St. Barts

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St. Barts is a volcanic island that is surrounded by shallow reefs. This chic French Caribbean island is a popular tourist destination of people from North America, mainland France, and rest of Europe. This tropical paradise is a perfect blend of sophistication and laid-back luxury. But be careful as one trip is all it will take make you completely hooked on this vacation.
Gustavia, which also contains the central harbor to the island, is the capital of St.Barts. It is a picturesque town with a neat collection of red-roofed buildings covered in volcanic stone and is a favorite among tourists due to its elegant restaurants, gingerbread-trimmed cottages, and designer shops. There are no direct flights to St.Barts but you can get a shuttle flight to and from the island, or you can book a ferry ride which can be an efficient option.

This expensive and elite Caribbean island is not only for the rich and famous; its quaint charms and gorgeous scenery is what makes it attractive to all people. From its white-sand beaches to colorful boutiques, this Caribbean island provides the ultimate in relaxation. Just sit in the sun and relax on the Colombier Beach or if you are into nude bathing then head over to Grand Saline.

The various beaches in St.Barts, 22 to be exact, ensure that they cater to all types of beachgoers. You can walk from one destination to another and marvel at the distinctly French culture evident all around. Although the main spoken language is French, English is also widely spoken.

Although tourism is high all year round the best time to enjoy St.Barts is from April to June. Temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year allowing for pleasant weather, but there is more rain in summer months. There is no dearth of accommodations as there is something that will appeal to you. You can rent an individual villa and have a secluded holiday or have a splashy island mainstay depending on your preference.

St.Barts is a dream holiday for everyone. There are fun-filled activities for adults with kids as well as nightlife for the younger crowd. The diversity of beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, and the friendly people of St.Barts are some of the things that make this vacation perfect. The restaurants in upscale hotels, as well as the simple food stalls on the beach all, offer some amazing food which combines Caribbean cuisine with Creole flavors, fresh seafood, exotic local fruits, and traditional French cooking techniques. The active nightlife is what gives this island its glorious reputation. If you haven’t experienced the club scene in St.Barts, then you are missing out. Also, there are many events and functions around the year which make St.Barts a happening place.