Cuba 101: What to do and see during your Caribbean holiday

There is no question that Cuba is filled with nature’s bounties and serves as the perfect getaway for all types of travelers. The island nation is home to tourist attractions for visitors of all ages, as well as pristine beaches, rivers, canals, and even secret caves.


Aside from the fact that there is no shortage of tourist attractions and historic landmarks in the area, you can also take advantage of affordable accommodation options for your Cuban holiday.





Cuba´s archways and plazas are two of the most evidential aspects of the city vibe. Havana makes you feel as though you are frozen in time. Take a leisurely walk along the Malecon, considered one of the most famous attractions. This pedestrian walkway also has six lines of primary roadway which act as the main routes in the city. It has also become a popular rendez-vous site for social gatherings as well as festivals that are celebrated in Cuba. A lot of tourists also claim that this is the perfect place to see the sunset.


Another tourist magnet in Cuba is La Habana Vieja, or the Old Havana. Here you can see several old churches and mansions. Constructed decades, sometimes centuries, ago, the magnificent architecture is a wonder and prime opportunity for any avid photogrpaher.




If you are interested in Cuban history, there are several museums that are accessible from your Cuba villa rental or private apartment. One is the Museo de la Revolution, which exhibits items from the Cuban Revolution including the Cuban War of Independence. Exhibits focusing on Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are two of the most famous attractions in the museum. You may also see the yacht Granma, which was used by Castro and his men to sail during their coup. You may also want to visit the Bellamar caves, which are located about 60 miles from Havana, where you will find ornate crystal sculptures set among underground ponds and river.


Indeed, Cuba is a rich country when it comes to attractions. With affordable property rental options and which downtown apartments, you will certainly find yourself experiencing an invigorating and informative vacation.

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