Ethical travel to Cuba

Whether you’re taking a holiday in Cuba, a trip to Europe, a Caribbean islands vacation, or seeing the sights Down Under, all travellers should travel ethically to help protect these beautiful holiday destinations. This is all the more important in Havana, where there’s a vulnerable community and environment that is currently relying heavily upon income from tourism in order to thrive.

So what can we do to ensure we behave responsibly during a holiday in Cuba?

Support Local Businesses

Rather than staying in a chain hotel or resort, why not consider staying in a casa particular in Havana? Or how about eating at paladares? These small, privately-run businesses are operated by local Cubans, and are an essential part of the growing tourism economy in Cuba.

Use Water Responsibly

Cuba is facing a severe drought, which has significantly affected fresh produce supply to the island, as well as affecting exports. There are also a number of homes in the Caribbean that do not have running water. Always take care to turn the tap off at your vacation rental in Cuba when you are not using the sink.

Say No to Bottles

In this small island nation, more plastics are disposed of than can reasonably be recycled, leading to a growing landfill. Try not to buy water in plastic bottles unless necessary. If you’re staying in a casa particular in Havana, it’s very easy to boil water for drinking, or treat tap water with a sterilisation tablet.


Like most homes in the Caribbean, a casa particular in Havana can get hot, especially in the middle of summer. Instead of leaving the air conditioning running all day because you’re accustomed to doing so, try to adapt to the local climate and environment, and turn the AC unit off when you’re not in the room.

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