Four ways to have a romantic Cuban vacation

Although Paris is often considered the romance capital of the world, it would be remiss to overlook Havana as a romantic destination. Simply strolling around the city and taking in its old charm can be quite dreamy, and there are plenty of other ways to bring out the passion and love in this enchanting and magical city. Here are four great ideas for a romantic vacation in Havana.

Enjoy Your Own Private Space

It can be hard to feel like it’s ‘just the two of you’ when you’re amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, so it’s important to have your own private retreat to spend some quality time together. A great idea is to book a villa with private pool in Havana, where you can relax in your own, peaceful surroundings.

Soak up the Atmosphere

Part of what makes Havana such a romantic city is its laidback, informal, and somewhat random atmosphere, and you can experience all of this in Havana’s oldest square, Plaza de Armas. Visit during the warm, balmy evenings for a chance to hear some of Havana’s finest musicians playing street performances.

Take a Classic Car Ride

Classic American cars have become a symbol of Havana, and it’s arguably one of the most romantic ways to get around the city. If you don’t feel comfortable driving on the streets of Havana, arrange for a classic car ride through one of the local companies, who can pick you up at your Havana villa.

Picnic at El Morro

Pack some snacks and cold drinks and take a walk to El Morro Castle, where you can make yourself comfortable on the cliffs and stare out over both the sea and the city. If possible, try to arrange to be at El Morro in time for sunset, which is definitely one of the most magical times of day in Havana.

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