Getting around Cuba

Cuba has a decent transport network, but it does depend on where you are staying as to whether you will benefit from it. If your villa in Cuba is close to one of the major cities then you should be able to get around easily, but if you don’t plan on hiring a car, just how easy is it to travel throughout the island?


It’s a challenging experience catching the bus in Cuba. The local buses known as guaguas are pretty frequent in the larger cities but they are very popular in less populated areas. Public transport can be disorganised, crowded, noisy and hot; however if you just wish to travel a few stops within the city, it’s a great experience.




Taxi and Colectivos

These taxis travel from town to town, usually with a fixed long distance route. They only leave when full. If you fancy riding in an old American-style car from 1959, try travelling by colectivo. You can usually find the taxis close to local bus stations which are faster and cheaper than the public transport.

Travel by Truck

The trucks or camiones are a fast and effective way to travel between provinces. It’s also cheap. Each city has both a municipal and provincial bus stop with a departure point for the camiones. Be prepared to wait though, as they don’t always run on time. You are expected to wait in line and pay when you enter the truck. It is a cheap way to get around Cuba, especially if you are travelling longer distances or between the towns and cities. Another added bonus is that you get to meet local people and if you speak even a little Spanish it will really help you during your journey.





If you are travelling to the Isla de Juventud or any of the outlying islands of Cuba there are local ferry services to take you there, although they are infrequent. The ferry departs from Batabano and it takes about two hours to get to the Isla de Juventud. Tickets can be purchased from the ferry company at the bus terminals in Havana, but remember to check the return times to the mainland if you wish to come back the same day.

There are always ways to get around the island from your Caribbean holiday rental. Research before you arrive, brush up on your Spanish and get ready for a unique travelling experience, Cuban style!

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