Holiday in Havana: Amazing activities for kids

Cuba serves as an ideal holiday destination because of the sandy beaches and colourful culture, but you might be reluctant to visit if you plan to bring your kids. Although children become excited the first time they visit the beach, but they will soon become bored of building sand castles. Thankfully, Havana has numerous fun activities that will keep the kids entertained throughout your holiday. Once you book a family villa Cuba, the fun begins!




A cart ride around Habana Vieja

Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your kids might not care about a heritage, but they will definitely enjoy a cart ride. As a family, you can soak up the salsa and jazz music played throughout the Old Havana streets. You can get cars and horses in the Park Central and let the kids enjoy the city that has a rich history.





Kids love eating, and if you take them to a Paladar, they will be eternally grateful. Typically, Paladars are restaurants situated in peoples’ homes where you can sample the delicious Cuban cuisine. Mostly, you will find Paladars outside the city center. If you reserve a family villa in Cuba, you may visit Paladars if you do not want to do the cooking and let the kids feast on the local delicacies.

Cuban ice cream

A scoop of ice cream is a perfect way to cool the body temperature in the summer heat. Local ice cream bars have tourist stands where you do not have to spend a lot of time on the queue and you can brush up on tourism activities.


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