How to take the best photographs in Havana

Amateur photography is a rapidly growing field, whether you are working with a digital compact camera which fits effortlessly into your bag or with a professional DSLR, Cuba is an exciting haven for photographers from around the globe. Leave your comfortable villa in Cuba and follow our tips for where you can take the best photographs in the city.




Old Havana is the ideal starting point. The crumbling yet vibrantly coloured buildings feature ornate wrought-iron, flower-laden balconies, and the back streets will capture your all-important island memories. Walk around the city with your eyes peeled for great subject matter. Opposite the old Capitol Building is an area where the 1950s-eta American cars reside, so arrive early before the tourists to get the best shots.

There are also many historic buildings around the old city, as well as many opportunities to snap images of the Cuban people, whether sitting in the cafes or wandering the streets smoking the famous Cuban cigars. Cubans are more than happy to have their photo taken by you – just don’t let them charge you for doing it!

If you are serious about photographing Cuba, take a foldaway tripod for some still shots and videos, as well as a spare battery or two as it may be very difficult to buy spares in Cuba. Don’t expect to be able to upload your photos straight away as the internet and Wi-Fi connections on the island are not quite up to par.




The malecon at sunset will allow you to capture a different side of Havana away from your vacation rental in Cuba. Fishermen will cast their nets as the lights of the seafront buildings begin to illuminate, and musicians play on the promenade.

If you seek incredible landscape photographs, one of the national parks close to Havana will offer everything you desire, from endangered wildlife and birds to nature´s waterfalls and forests. Some of the views which lead down to the coastline are spectacular, so aim for the highest point to get the best shots possible.

The trick to achieving the best pictures is easy: get up early and don’t necessarily follow the tourist trail as everyone tends to take the same photographs of the main attractions. Leave your Havana holiday rental and explore the back streets, the markets, the bars where the locals drink, the casas particulares – you will capture more of the real Havana this way than sticking to the tried and tested tourist paths.




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