Mouthwatering dishes to try in Cuba

When you’re on holiday in Cuba, why not immerse yourself in the local culture and eat like the locals eat? Cuban cuisine largely consists of meats, vegetables, and rice that are prepared, cooked, and served in many ways.

Here are three very popular Cuban dishes that are not to be missed during your trip:

  • Moros y Cristianos

This simple yet delicious rice and bean dish is served practically everywhere in Cuba. You’ll find this on the menu in many Cuban restaurants, and if you’re lucky you may even be able to sample a plate at your casa particular in Havana. There’s a similar dish in Puerto Rico, and it’s a meal that’s served up in many homes in the Caribbean, but some say that the Cuban version really is best!

This national dish is yet another that is served up across the country. It consists of shredded beef cooked with tomatoes and vegetables, and is often served with white rice and sometimes fried plantains. If you decide to whip this dish up yourself in the kitchen of your vacation villa in the Caribbean, be sure to make up a double batch; Ropa Vieja tastes amazing the next day when the flavours have developed!

  • Ajiaco

Three countries count themselves as the creators of this soup-like dish, but much of the evidence points toward an origin in Cuba. Ajiaco is popular in Cuba, Peru, and Colombia where it is the national dish, but each country prepares the dish differently. In Colombia, it is very similar to a soup, while in Peru it’s made with more intense flavours. Cuba’s version is very stew-like thanks to the use of starchy vegetables.

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