Types of Havana accommodation

If you’re thinking about a holiday in Cuba, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is where you’re going to stay. A hotel may seem like the obvious choice, and while it would be for many holiday destinations around the world, there are a few better alternatives in Cuba. So what is Havana accommodation really like, and what sort of accommodation should you choose?

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There are many hotels in Cuba, some of which are fantastic, while others leave a lot to be desired. However, it’s worth remembering that there’s no international hotel rating system employed in Cuba, and the system that’s used within Cuba will be different from the system used in your country. As a general rule of thumb, many travellers advise removing a star from a rating for a more authentic idea of the hotel’s quality. Hotels in Cuba vary significantly in price, with Central Havana hotels often costing more.

Casas Particulares

A casa particular in Havana is a bit of a mix between a hotel and a Caribbean home; what may be considered as a sort-of B&B. There are many different styles of casas; everything from full vacation rental homes and family villas to Havana apartments and private rooms within a house. Staying with a host might sound nerve wracking, but the great thing about a casa particular in Havana is that it will be regulated. This means that the host will have a full rental license and the property is state controlled.

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Another option for accommodation in Cuba is a campismo, which is a holiday park-style site with lodges or cabins for guests. Staying at a campismo can be a wonderful experience, but unfortunately they’re usually located quite far off the beaten track in the country’s more rural and isolated areas. While this may be an attractive option for a second visit to the island, if you’re looking for the real Havana experience, then a casa particular located right in the heart of the action may be better.

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