Guest Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Contract

Caribbean Casas is the trading name of Catalunya Casas Spain SL. Caribbean Casas act as the managing agent for the owners of the properties offered on this web site.

  1. How to Make a Reservation

In order for us to accept your booking, your party leader must read these conditions. The person who signs or ‘submits’ the booking form does so on behalf of all the members of the party and binds them jointly to these terms and conditions. When you ask us to confirm your booking, we will allocate you your chosen property and confirm your reservation.

  1. Method of Payment

Payment can either be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), PayPal, or bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer we will hold your selected property for 4 business days while you arrange payment. Should you wish to pay in any other currency other than EUR, please use our Credit Card facilities. All card transactions are billed in EUR and converted to your local currency by the card issuer at their prevailing rate.

  1. Initial Payment

Cuba, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Curacao:

At the time of your booking, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of 30% of the total rental cost of the property. When you pay the first instalment, you confirm at the same time that you have read and accepted our general terms and conditions. Caribbean Casas reserves the right to cancel the booking if the first instalment of 30% of the rent has not been received within 4 business days after the reservation is made.

The balance must be paid at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the rental period. In the case that the period of time between the formalization of the reservation and the date of arrival is less that 30 days, full payment is required.

Barbados and St. Barts:

At the time of your booking, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of 30% of the total rental cost of the property (for Christmas and New years period 15/12 to 05/01 50%). When you pay the first instalment, you confirm at the same time that you have read and accepted our general terms and conditions. Caribbean Casas reserves the right to cancel the booking if the first instalment of 30% of the rent has not been received within 4 business days after the reservation is made.

The balance must be paid at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the rental period. In the case that the period of time between the formalization of the reservation and the date of arrival is less than 30 days, full payment is required.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Cuba, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Curacao:

If a guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation 91+ days before arrival date, the reservation deposit of 30% will not be refunded.

Cancellation between 90 and 31 days before arrival, 50% of the total rental price is charged.

The payment balance must be paid 30 days prior to arrival. If the reservation is cancelled less than 30 days before arrival, no refund will be issued (100% of the rental is charged and 0% reimbursed).

A booking is considered cancelled on the day that Caribbean Casas has received a written cancellation from the guest.

Barbados and St. Barts:

If a guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation 61+ days before arrival date, the reservation deposit of 25% will not be refunded.

The payment balance must be paid 60 days prior to arrival. If the reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before arrival, no refund will be issued (100% of the rental is charged and 0% reimbursed).

A booking is considered cancelled on the day that Caribbean Casas has received a written cancellation from the guest.

  1. Insurance Requirements

Holiday and travel Insurance, including cancellation cover, is essential for your own protection and we strongly recommend that you and all members of your party be suitably insured. If you choose to travel without adequate holiday insurance, we will not be liable for any losses however arising in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available. Please note, that it is mandatory to arrive in Cuba with a pre-contracted medical insurance.

  1. Damage deposit / Accidental Damage Protection 

We do not collect a security/damage deposit; however we collect a Damage Protection Fund of 9 Euros per person with every reservation and covers up to 500 Euros of accidental damage to your rental property during your holiday. Please note that wilful and negligent behaviour is not covered by this charge, and should this occur you may be asked to cover the cost of damage locally.  If the guest should cause damages that exceed the value of 500 Euros, he will be liable to pay the difference as soon as the exact value of the damages has been determined and Caribbean Casas has informed him in writing about the difference.

Groups under the age of 25 are subject to an additional damage deposit and ages of the guests must be stated upon reservation of the villa.

The guest must ensure that the property is returned in a presentable and tidy state including the washing of dishes, cutlery, and kitchen utensils etc.; emptying of the refrigerator, the freezer, and dust bins; cleaning the barbecue; and removing rubbish/trash. This is required even though the guest has paid a final cleaning or such a cleaning is already included in the rent. Catalunya Casas reserves the right to reclaim any additional cleaning costs if the guest should not leave the property in the above-mentioned state.

A generous allowance of water and electricity is included in the rental price; however, you will be charged for abuse of these services (leaving water on/hoses open and running them for long periods of time, leaving doors/windows open when using air conditioning/heating, etc.). Water and electricity readings are taken before and after every stay in every property.

The aforementioned is for standard bookings only. If you are renting a property to hold a function, in addition to the venue fee, we will also require an additional damage deposit.

  1. Party Size

At no time must any more persons occupy a property than stated on the booking form, except with prior written agreement. Property owners or their agents reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed.

  1. Property Standards

We have carefully selected and inspected all the properties that we advertise and we endeavour to maintain high standards. However, if you have a problem during your holiday, immediately inform the local representative who will then endeavour to put things right. If you fail to do this we cannot accept responsibility, as we have not had the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem. Although we will make every effort to deal with problems promptly, a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for repairs to be completed by outside contractors.

Although Caribbean Casas and our collaborators carefully inspect and control the holiday home before each single arrival, it could occur that a defect, fault or damage is detected. In such a case Caribbean Casas Customer Services should be informed in writing by email to within 24 hours after arrival.

Please note that we accept no liability for intermittent failure of public supplies or utilities such as water or electricity over which we have no control, nor of sewage systems, plumbing or mechanical equipment in villas, but shall use our best endeavours to arrange prompt repairs where possible.

In some areas the provision of roads, power and water supplies etc, does not always keep pace with the demands of rapid tourist development, so you may experience problems with, for example, plumbing or drainage. Roads and pathways in some countries may not be up to the standard found in other countries, therefore please be aware that some roads and paths may be uneven.

Inevitably, items break or require maintenance, therefore please be aware that you may encounter maintenance staff and gardeners during your stay. Please also remember that these are people’s homes – please leave the villa in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.

  1. Check in / Check out times

Your accommodation is available after 15h on day of arrival and must be vacated by 11h on day of departure. The maid, gardener, pool man need this time to prepare the accommodation properly for incoming guests. Although you are not required to vacate your property before 11h please be aware that staff may arrive before this time.

  1. Change and Non Availability of accommodation

On rare occasions it may be unavoidable to change your chosen villa because of circumstances beyond our or the owners control; we will endeavour to inform you of this asap and offer you either alternative accommodation of similar or superior standard, a refund if nothing is suitable or discuss other options. No further claim against the owner or the letting agent for any loss suffered will be considered.

  1. Liability

Caribbean Casas do not accept liability for any act or neglect on the part of the owners or any other person not within their employ or their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury or expense, whether to person or property, which the tenants may suffer arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting. The owner and the letting agent also accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the tenants’ possessions on the owners’ property, force majeure or any other unpredictable events that Caribbean Casas could not have prevented.

Should a gross defect or fault be detected in a holiday home, Caribbean Casas will normally offer the tenant an equivalent holiday home of the same price level. Should the alternative holiday home be of a lower price, the price difference will be refunded. Should it not be possible to find a satisfactory solution due to a lack of available properties or due to the non-acceptance of the alternative holiday home by the tenant, the total rent or a part of the rent will be refunded according to the degree of liability determined by Caribbean Casas.

  1. Events

You must inform us if you plan to hold an event at your rental property and request permission at the time of booking. All events exceeding the maximum occupancy of the villa are applicable to a supplemental charge. A copy of our guidelines and limitations for events are available on request. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in the property owner or their agent cancelling the event. Please note that any complaints from neighbours or legal action resulting from your event is the responsibility of the tenant and not the owner nor Caribbean Casas.

  1. Accuracy

We endeavour to ensure that all the information on our website is accurate, however occasionally changes and errors occur and we reserve the right to correct details in such circumstances. We make every effort to make sure that descriptions, photographs of furniture and fittings etc. are accurate, however there may sometimes be changes we are unaware of, and therefore vary from our website copy and photographs. We accept no liability should a description or a photograph be inaccurate. If a particular facility offered in a property is essential to the booking of your holiday, please ensure that we are made aware of this prior to you completing the booking confirmation pages.

We do not claim that any villa is totally child-friendly or safe and care should always taken by parents and family. Some villas are better suited than others for the elderly or families with young children and we are happy to discuss your requirements at the time of booking your holiday.

  1. On Arrival

Immediately upon arrival at your holiday home please familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and identify any potential hazards e.g. unexpected steps, slippery surfaces, pool depths etc.

  1. Noise

Some of our properties are in rural locations and as such there maybe farmyard noises in the vicinity. Other properties might be located in residential areas, please remember that sound travels and noise should be kept to reasonable levels especially after 10pm. Roadworks and/or building work in close proximity to our properties may occur without any prior warning, this is understandably beyond our control … we will though endeavour to inform you should we become aware of any such works.

Some traffic noise may be audible at some of our properties. Increased levels of traffic and subsequent noise must be expected in the peak periods, especially in the more popular tourist areas.

Please note that in certain areas, it is not uncommon to experience aircraft noise. This may be more noticeable during peak season due to the increase of flights.

  1. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning means units in at least 2 areas of the villa (for example, living room and bedroom). We accept no responsibility for the breakdown of these units under any circumstances although we will always endeavour to rectify the matter as soon as possible.

  1. Pets

Pets are welcome at some of our properties. Please ask.

  1. Cleaning

Most properties have daily maid service but the minimum cleaning is on your day of arrival and day of departure. Most houses do have washing machines or, should you wish, additional cleaning & laundry can usually be arranged at an additional charge.

If you are unsatisfied with the cleaning standards, we require immediate written notice upon arrival at the villa. The cleaner will return within 24 hours to rectify and clean any aspect which may have been overlooked.

  1. Internet/Wifi  

Internet access in each villa is limited to emailing and general internet browsing.  The bandwidth will not support downloading of movies, large files or multiple connected devices. The following are examples of high bandwidth internet activities are not permitted as they limit connectivity: Skype, Vonage, YouTube, Netflix, or online games.

In the event of a breakdown technicians do have a specified call out pattern and it may take up to two working days before a visit can be arranged or a part ordered. Caribbean Casas will not pay compensation due to failure within this timeframe, but will of course assist you to the best of our ability.

  1. Behaviour

In the event that you or any member of your party behaves in a way that causes distress, annoyance or injury to others, damage to property or does not respect or conform to local laws and customs, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday forthwith. In such an event, we will have no further liability or financial responsibility for you and you will have to meet any costs or expenses incurred as a result of your behaviour.

  1. Electricity

Electricity supplies can be erratic, especially in peak season. Electricity cuts rarely last more than a few hours, so any inconvenience caused is not usually acute. Please note that it is not always possible to use several electrical appliances at the same time.

  1. Festivals

Lively and animated celebrations can take place throughout the year and are often accompanied with firework displays, church bells and music. Villages are decorated with banners and lights, food stalls line the streets and in some cases shops and banks etc, may close.

  1. Swimming pools 

Descriptions of pools are as accurate as possible, but the dimensions, where provided, are only approximate. Free-form pools are measured at their maximum width and length. Diving is strictly forbidden at all swimming pools in private villas as the pools are rarely deep enough.

Swimming pools are not heated unless otherwise stated in the brochure or on the web site and may be fresh water or sea water.

Chemicals in pools are carefully regulated, however certain climatic conditions (rainfall, thunderstorms etc) can affect the balance and pools start to look green. If so, please let our team know immediately and the necessary adjustments will be made. Water sometimes takes 2-3 days to turn blue again.

Pool liners are very delicate and can easily be punctured. No hard or sharp objects should be taken into the pool and great care must be taken with the pool cleaning equipment – children should not be allowed to use it.

  1. Tracks or approach roads

Some properties are approached by rough and uneven roads or tracks leading up to them. Some approach roads can also be steep. If you are particularly concerned about driving on unmade roads, please check with us regarding suitability of access.

  1. Water

Shortages of water and reduced water pressure may occur in peak season and can sometimes be cut off without any notice whatsoever. Of course, everything will be done to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

  1. WCs

Many of our properties have a septic tank rather than mains drainage and most have narrow-gauge pipe work. Nothing other than toilet paper should be put down any WC. Blockages are inconvenient and expensive to clear. During the season it may prove necessary for the septic tanks to require pressure cleaning. We cannot be held responsible should any cleaning prove to be necessary during your stay for whatever reason. We will always advise you of the time and date and request your permission regards any/all cleans.

  1. Data Protection

This Privacy notification establishes our terms regarding the collection, use and protection of personal information of users of the website Caribbean Casas. Personal information means information that may be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, IP address, telephone number, email address and credit card number.

We recommend that you review our Privacy Policy, and become familiar with it, but you should know that we do not sell our customers’ personal information to third parties.

Please note that we review our privacy policy from time to time, and we may make periodic changes to the policy. Therefore, you may want to mark this page and/or periodically check this page to make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

This privacy policy explains the following:

The personal information Caribbean Casas gathers and how to navigate our website. It is not required to provide any personal information unless you decide to make a purchase or sign up to one of our newsletters. The use of this site is not permitted to anyone under the age of eighteen and we do not collect any personal information from children (ie, children under thirteen years of age).

Making a Reservation:

In order to purchase travel and related services through our site, you must provide us with certain personal information, such as your name, the number and expiration date of your credit card, the billing address of your credit card, your credit card number, and telephone, email address and the name or names of the person (s) that will travel. We also require passport information of all guests as a legal requirement for the police department.

Member Registration:

As a user of, you will also occasionally receive updates from us about sales, special offers, or new services from Caribbean Casas. However, you can choose at any time to stop receiving these types of messages by email. By supplying a telephone number, it is implied that you are giving us your consent to contact you, regardless of whether the telephone number appears on a “do not call” list.

Users Profile:

As a users of, you can choose to provide us with personal information and travel preferences. This information is used to help us find the most suitable villa offers for you.

Automatic recording of session data:

We automatically record generic information about the connection of your computer to the Internet, what we call “session data”. The data of the session consist of things like the IP address, operating system and type of browser that is used and the activities carried out by the user, within our site. An IP address is a number that allows computers connected to the Internet, such as our web servers, to know where to send data and pages of the site that the user wants to see. We collect data from the session, as it helps us analyse things like: which pages are visitors most  likely to click, how visitors click through to the site, how many visitors are browsing, how long visitors stay on the site and how often they visit it. It also helps diagnose problems with our servers and allows us to better manage our systems. It is possible to determine, from an IP address, the Internet Service Provider of a visitor (ISP) and the approximate geographical location of the point of connectivity. We may also use some session information, such as the pages you visited on our site, to send you email messages unless you have previously opted not to receive such messages.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by Spanish Law. The Applicants and the Tenants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Spanish courts courts.

  1. Blue Pencil Test

If any of these terms and conditions should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these terms and conditions are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction which that term or condition is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from that clause and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

  1. Validity

The stated terms and conditions are valid for rental agreements made between the tenant and the home owner through Caribbean Casas who acts as an agent/intermediary. The conditions and the quoted prices stated on this website are valid, excluding misprints, from October 31st, 2013.