What to buy in Havana

What is there to do in Havana? Aside from the stunning coastline to stroll along, handfuls of beaches to discover, and some amazing apartments in Havana that you can relax in and enjoy the views, there are also fantastic opportunities for shopping! Havana is one of the top shopping destinations in the Caribbean, so on your next visit to Cuba, here’s what to stock up on.

Carved Wood

Driftwood is a very common sight at Cuba’s beaches, and the locals can be seen collecting it and whittling away, creating intricately decorative souvenirs out of the wood. Some of these treasured items can be purchased from a small craft market called Almacenes San, located near the ferry terminal.

Cuban Serrano Coffee

For many people, the first thing they do when they wake up in their Havana holiday rental is make a big cup of Cuban Serrano. It’s a medium roast coffee that’s renowned for its full-bodied flavour. If you forget to pick up a bag while in Cuba, you can usually find some at the airport before you leave.


Cuba was once the world’s largest exporter of sugar, and the quality of the sugar on the island really is second to none. You may notice the hosts at your casa particular in Havana add a little Cuban brown sugar to their meals for a touch of added sweetness. You’ll be able to pick up a bag at most stores.

Import Regulations

Keep in mind that there are restrictions on what you can bring home from your Cuba vacation (and restrictions on suitcase size, too!), so always check the import regulations of your country before you travel. If you plan to try all the different varieties of Cuban rum, for example, you may want to enjoy it by the pool at your Havana villa, and bring just one or two bottles of your favourite back home.



Best breakfast cafés in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Cabarete has some of the best cafés in the Dominican Republic. So when you’re ready to leave your vacation rental, make sure you check out these tasty breakfast locations!

Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles

What goes better with coffee than waffles? At Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles, you get just that! This coffee shop serves cups of locally grown coffee and has specially-trained baristas. If you don’t want coffee, you can order a delicious tea or locally sourced fruit drink with a side of their gourmet waffles! For a healthier alternative, try their smoothie bowls. They also work for a worthy cause as a non-profit organization that supports underprivileged youth of the Dominican Republic and other island areas.

The Chocolate Bar

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? The Chocolate Bar offers hot chocolate, coffee, tea, frappes, ice cream, juice and smoothies. For breakfast, you might want to try a steaming cup of hot chocolate and one of their breakfast plates: fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, croissants, or even their big breakfast platter.

The Honey Company

If honey is your thing, you’ll love what The Honey Company offers. They are an artisanal apiary whose honey is real, raw, and chemical-free. Their number one recommended food is their Greek yogurt, with their Eggs Benedict at a close second. They also serve coffee, juice, smoothies, waffles, and French toast. The Honey Company offers a relaxing atmosphere by the beach for your healthy, tasty morning.

Cabarete Coffee Company

Another great coffee option, the Cabarete Coffee Company offers delicious shade-grown coffee beans and organic cocoa. They even allow you to tour their coffee and cocoa trees during the day if you’re curious! On their menu, they serve breakfast all day long from waffles to breakfast sandwiches and croissants.

Belgium Bakery

Finally, if you’re craving baked goods, check out the Belgium Bakery. They offer pastries like the Napoleon, éclair, croissant, and chocolate mousse. Pair with one of their coffees and you have yourself the perfect European-style breakfast!

When you get hungry and are ready to leave your vacation villa in the Dominican Republic, go check them out!

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