By Car

By far, the best transport option from within Cuba is by car. Renting a private car is fairly straightforward – if there is availability. Regardless of the various rental companies you will find on the internet, all private vehicle rentals are government owned and regulated – meaning whichever company you find online, they will rent for you via a government owned company such as REX or CubaCar and availability is difficult to guarantee – which makes planning your vacation difficult.

We highly recommend a chauffered car service which can be reserved directly through us. Please see our guest services page here. ┬áDrivers are licensed, friendly, knowledgable (you have combined chauffeur, ┬átour guide and translator all in one!) and are available and at your service 24 hours per day. And the supplemental cost is minimal (less than 50 Cuban CUC’s more per day). We have a varied selection of vehicles available from economy to luxury.

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